About Faux Fetus

About Faux Fetus

On March 15th, 2004, a nineteen year old boy saved his first Apache httpd.conf file for the last time. His Compaq Presario was humming, tethered to a Comcast cable box run halfway across the house. The boy and his computer sat, waiting to serve their first user.

He created Faux Fetus to host the plethora of music made in his Philadelphian suburb. He was part of a community of creative, musical misfits on the outskirts of Chestnut Hill. The boy's goal was to give them all a place to call home. A place to share their music and a place find the music of others.

People promoted the site. Others found new music and contributed their own. The bubble grew. A few famous artists submitted their work which brought more and more traffic to the site. Comcast noticed that their hub that served Flourtown's Farmar Lane was struggling. The little Compaq had betrayed its owner's internet provider's service agreement.

So the boy trashed the faithful computer, learned Linux, and leased an expensive server node from a company in New Jersey. The bubble continued to grow. WFMU's Free Music Archive asked that Faux Fetus be a flagship contributor. The process was difficult and required much paperwork. Soon nothing was easy and everything hurt. Finally the bubble popped in August of 2010.

Nearly a decade later, through a suspension of catharsis, nepotism, and nostalgia, the boy is back and so is the site. For better or worse, here is Faux Fetus in it's semi-original glory.